About us

"We like to design, we create value."

Our company operates in the Northern Hungary region, our main profile is architectural and interior design, but we also undertake technical supervision and design management during the implementation phase.

In collaboration with our trusted partners in the field, we undertake design work on a wide range of scales, from family house design to office buildings and large-scale community buildings, but we also have a church reference.

Our partners: PlottcAd Kft, Fényesvölgy Bt., Hétbiztos Bt, B-Archika terv Kft., Sipkó és Társa Bt.

Dániel Bianki DLA - architect

Chamber of Architecture licence number: É-05-0466; ME-É-05-0466
Mobile: +36 30 237 6990
E-mail: biankidaniel@gmail.com
LinkedIn: Daniel Bianki


The key to running a successful architecture firm is a satisfied client. If you want a creative, demanding and reliable architect, please contact us, you will not be disappointed. I provide architectural design, interior design, design engineering and architectural technical supervision.


2018 -

BD Design

opens its own architectural practice

2017 - 2018

Chief Architect of the City of Kazincbarcika

performing administrative tasks

2015 - 2016

S.A.M.O Ltd.

architectural designer, - subcontracting, BIM - collision detection.

2013 - 2015

Barcika Szolg. Ltd.

felelős építész tervező - középületek tervezése adminisztációs feladatokkal

2011 - 2013


Independent designer, designer - design of family houses, design of industrial buildings

2007 - 2010

Bachman & Bachmann Architectural Office Ltd.

assistant designer (part-time job) - design of public buildings, sacral buildings

2003 - 2005

Architect Architectural Design Office Ltd.

architectural constructor - participation in various design tasks



Passing the Municipal Chief Architect exam

2012 - 2013

University of Pécs, Pollack Mihály Faculty of Technology - Architect Technical Inspector

2008 - 2011

Breuer Marcell Doctoral School - Doctor of Liberal Arts (DLA) Architect - summa cum laude degree

2005 - 2008

University of Pécs Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering - Chartered Architect

1999 - 2003

Pollack Mihály Technical College - architect

1995 - 1999

Miskolc Lévay József Reformed High School

"...his personality reflects the duality of the architect-creator character, the parallel and symbiotic thinking in the human and real spheres. I was impressed by his humility in the face of the task, his professional commitment to the spirit of "service" and his desire to be professional."
/ Gábor Zoboki DLA architect - extract from the opposition to the diploma thesis /


"Dániel Bianki's masterpiece, like his thesis, reflects faith and humility in the architectural profession. He does not use superfluous phrases, he concentrates on the task, he describes its process, in places with the technical, exact precision of a technical description. The description of the detailed plans and their internal content, the description of the experience gained in the construction, is one of the strengths of the work."
/ Balázs Markó DLA architect - extract from the doctoral thesis opposition /

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