2021 Mission House Bódvaszilas

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Year of design: 2021
Designer: Dániel Bianki DLA
Status: under construction

Gross floor area: 610 m2

We were given a special assignment to design a wellness accommodation building in Bódvaszilas.
The plot is a 27x167 metre pants belt plot, with a through plot situation, i.e. it is bordered on both (short) sides by a road. The uniqueness of the task was that the plot has a slope of more than 25 cm at 1 metre backwards from the road. This means that if, for example, only a 4 m room depth is calculated, then starting from the street and going 4 m horizontally, the difference in height will be > 1 m. The width of the plot was narrow enough to allow the mass of the building to be placed parallel to the street frontage. The situation was complicated by the fact that the height of the building could only be 4.5 m and that, according to the Urban Development Plan, it could only be built with a hipped pitched roof and a pitch of between 38 and 45 degrees. The building was therefore designed with a staggered floor plan, with long corridors on the northern sides closer to the site boundary, with half-/full-height stairs following the slope of the ground. These corridors open onto the 2-3 bed suites and other rooms. The building is divided into two main areas, one of which is the main building, where the reception and the guest reception area are located, and from here there is a separate entrance to the wellness rooms (jacuzzi, sauna) and their changing rooms. In the other wing there are 9 suites with separate entrances. Behind them are the communal areas (kitchen, dining room, living room), which are separated from the outside by a glass curtain wall on the north-eastern side of the building, allowing views of the landscape from the hillside. Compliance with the 4.5 m building height specification was achieved by adjusting the pitch of the roof eaves and ridge line to match the ground. The width of the building has been chosen to be no greater than 8m, so the 40 degree pitched roof design means that the mass/roofline of the building does not project above the surrounding buildings. This was also important because the building is immediately adjacent to a Reformed church built in the early 19th century. The design of the street façade was designed in a neutral style, with only a simple covered porch connecting the main building and the apartment wing.

The building is heated by a heat pump with solar renewable energy.
An outdoor swimming pool will be built on the site, as well as an indoor stage with an 80-seat auditorium and a smaller 10x20 m multi-purpose sports field.


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